A ‘Frozen’ party to remember!

Back in August we threw a ‘Frozen’ party for my gorgeous niece Ruby Rose’s 6th birthday.  Like most 6 year olds, she is obsessed with all things Frozen, so it was only fitting that this should be the theme.

Never ones to go overboard (yeah, right!) we set about planning the cake, treats, printables and fun stuff like the bouncy castle… but that was just the beginning!  You know the saying, ‘once you start, you can’t stop’, well that was what it was like!  We just love a party, especially a Disney one, so we were allowed to go a little crazy, right?

Birthday Girl!

So, the latest craze to hit kids parties is to hire characters to make an appearance, meaning you could be in the presence of none other than Belle, Cinderalla, Elsa, Anna, Mickey, Minnie etc, what a treat for the kids!  My lovely sister Sam and I have always loved Disney, so never ones to shy away from the spotlight, decided that we would dress as the sisters, Elsa and Anna, and enlisted the help of our fabulous Mummy Junie, to get the costumes together… and what a great job she did!  Capes, wigs and a dollop of Disney magic, we became the characters… well, in our heads at least!

Sisters and little sisters!

Sam also suggested getting a snow machine, which even I thought might have been a little over the top when she first mentioned it… but I have to say, seeing the faces of the kids when they first saw the snow falling from above was truly magical!  The innocence, the laughter and playful screams as they ran around in their princess dresses and party outfits, was a joy to watch.

It’s snowing… in August!

The dessert table went down a treat with the kids, and I have to admit I did indulge myself a little with the cake!  At 3 tiers plus the ice palace on top, it was a little extravagant yes, but with not making so many wedding cakes this year due to the house build, I needed to get a pretty fix somehow!

All things sweet!

All things sweet!

All things sweet!

It really was a lovely party and a pleasure to be a part of.  Now the only question left is… what to do for next years party?!!  :-)

Love, Little Gems xx

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