Weekend Baking – ‘Chelsea Buns’

Big hello!

It’s another food treat this Friday, this time in the form of buns!  And with it looking likely to be a wet weather weekend, this could well be your indoor activity of choice.

Nice buns :-)

On the other hand, hard manual labour might be on the agenda for you, and I feel your pain!  Hubby and I will be doing stuff on the house build… I’m just praying it won’t involve lugging wheelbarrows of concrete around site, as per the weekend before last… that was seriously hard work!

When he left for work this morning, he gave me strict instructions to get some Chelsea Buns for our ‘builders’ tea breaks tomorrow.  He doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, but he does like a bun, oh-er!  Like a good girl, I headed to the bakery aisle this morning, but the only thing on offer was some rather crusty looking buns which looked like they’d spent just a tad too long in the oven.  So, I thought to myself, let’s earn me some brownie points and really give him a treat, I’ll make him some :-)

Once home, I whipped out my Paul Hollywood book which I knew would have a recipe for a bun of some sort.  I found his ‘Christmas Buns’ recipe which is practically a Chelsea Bun but with added cranberries, so thought this would be perfect.  I’m not sure what the copyright law is for typing up a recipe from a book and putting it online, so to save me being locked up by the baking police, I’ve found a virtually identical recipe on the BBC website.  It’s probably by him anyway, although there’s a few differences, which I’ve noted below:

  • The online recipe uses 7g yeast instead of 10g as in the book.
  • Paul Hollywood says not to ‘knock back’ the dough before rolling it out.  But as this recipe says to do that stage, so I doubt it really matters whether you do or not!
  • The online recipe says to cut into 10, his recipe says to cut into 9… and I cut mine into 12 as they were going to be seriously huge otherwise and whilst I do love eating my wares, I don’t want them to double my size!
  • The online recipe uses a milk and sugar mix for the glaze, whereas Paul Hollywood uses sieved apricot jam to glaze when they’re straight from the oven, then once cool he drizzles them with a lemon glace icing.  I didn’t have any apricot jam, so I made a glaze with marmalade and a touch of boiling water, then sieved to get rid of the shreds.  I then opted for the lemon glace icing, so together with the marmalade, it gave a lovely citrus punch!


Getting prepped

Mixing the dough

Always a relief when the dough rises!

Ready for the oven…

Done in the oven, glazed and iced

As with any dough based recipe, it is more time consuming than something like a sponge cake, because of the need to let it rise, which can be between 1-3 hours.  But if you plan ahead and get organised, then making a recipe like this at the weekend is such good fun and a lovely thing to do with little ones.  The bonus of course, is that after your hard work, you are rewarded with something totally yummy to eat and all by your own doing!

What a treat :-)

So, let’s hope hubby is pleased with my efforts and we can enjoy our buns after some hard graft tomorrow.  Mind you, with the rain hammering it down today and more due, I’m wondering whether we might be scoffing them indoors.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and happy baking!

Love, Little Gems xx

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