Bonfire Fun – ‘Toffee Apple Pops’

Happy Friday everyone!

This weeks blog post was going to be about baby shower ideas, but with loads of bonfire parties happening this weekend, I thought I would share some cute treats I’ve just made for my neighbour who has kindly invited us round for some firework fun this evening.

I wanted to make toffee apples, but with not enough apples to make for everyone, I went on the hunt for a similar alternative.  On my internet travels, I stumbled upon the perfect recipe… ‘Toffee Apple Pops’!  Just like toffee apples, but way cuter and you don’t need as many apples, genius!

Finished result

The recipe came from which is my ‘go to’ website for all things recipe related.  I can always find something that’s yummy, and their photos make everything look amazing, so it’s nice to look at too.

Find the recipe here…

I pretty much followed the recipe, apart from the white wine vinegar as I didn’t have any… oh and the cream, I used crème fraiche instead as I had a pot open in the fridge but if I was buying everything then I would get cream as per the recipe.

They’re really simple to do and will look like you’ve spent ages in the kitchen!  No baking/cooking apart from heating the sugar mixture to make the toffee, but other than that it was pretty straight forward.  I would loved to have had my niece Ruby Rose here to make them with me as they are perfect for kiddie kitchen fun, just watch them around the toffee when it’s hot though.

Getting prepared

For the sticks, I used 150mm wooden skewers which are shorter than a standard kebab skewer.  If you only have normal kebab skewers then just cut them down, or you can use wooden lolly sticks, or white lolly sticks like they have in the recipe.

Apples ready

I also opted for half of mine sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts and half with melted plain chocolate which worked really well.

Sprinkle and drizzle

Warning… they are very sweet!  But I think that was mostly because I made them with apples that were already really sweet, so you could potentially look at using something slightly more sour, perhaps a Granny Smith.

Is your mouth watering at these cute ‘Toffee Apple Pops’ yet!  Go on, go and use those old apples lying about and turn them into these cute bonfire goodies!  :-)

Have a fab weekend everyone and enjoy the fireworks!

Love, Little Gems xx

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